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Grow stronger plants and more abundant flowers with Plantsurge 

Invigorate Your Garden with bountiful flowering plants and award-winning fruits and vegetables 
Ever notice how plants look healthier and more vibrant after a thunderstorm? If so, you've observed a phenomenon that has long intrigued gardeners and horticulturists. 
According to leading botanist Andrew Goldsworthy, former researcher at London's Imperial College, thundershowers are more beneficial to plants than an equivalent amount of water from the sprinkler because electric currents create a magnetising effect on rainwater from thunderclouds. 
Plantsurge uses magnetic fields to energise your garden water, this new device clips on to any 15 mm cold water pipe or garden hose to grow stronger healthier plants, give more abundant flowers with longer lasting blooms. 
Independent plant trials comparing Plantsurge against tap water showed amazing results - plants flowered more abundantly, similar results were discovered by Wild Greens Farms on viola plants - magnetic watered plants flowered up to 5 days faster than those using tap water. 
Plantsurge can be used on both indoor or outdoor plants or growing fruit and vegetables. It requires no maintenance or power, no tools to fit and it lasts a lifetime. It come with a 365 day full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 
‘‘I have been using the Plantsurge on my potted plants, seedlings and tomatoes for eight weeks and the foliage has gone mad, it’s working a charm.’’ 
Garden blogger Joe Harrison from Suffolk 
‘‘The Plantsurge has made our viola plants flower one week faster than using tap water, and the flowers are getting to size quicker. This offers amazing benefits to my business!" 
Ben Wild, Wild Greens Farm 
Buy Plantsurge from Wild Greens Farm at our offer price below 
£44.00 for 1 
£79.00 for 2 
£114.00 for 3  
(reduced from £59.95) 
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