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Micro Pink Stem Radish have many of the same flavour characteristics found in full-grown radishes. Sometimes described as hot or spicy, these micro’s pack plenty of flavour, and are sure to add a gourmet touch to a wide range of dishes. Radish sprouts also possess medicinal qualities similar to other microgreens such as mustard or broccoli, showing an affinity for the gut and digestive tract, and potentially helping to dispel or prevent ulcers and other digestive disorders. They are quick growing, crisp, tender, and have a distinctive flavour and pungency. 
Add depth to salads, soups, sushi and sandwiches or as an edible garnish 
Harvested and packaged in our food safe recyclable containers. 
Availability - all year round 
Weight - 30g punnets 
Storage - refridgerated 
Price - £2.00 per 30g 
Soil Free Living Kitchen Tray 
A fantastic addition to your kitchen for the chefs to cut fresh when needed. Easy to maintain, all they need is light and water. 
Picked fresh the day before delivery. Deliveries every Tuesday and Friday. 
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