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 SWEETCORN Golden Lion F1 

Sweetcorn – Golden Lion F1 is a mid-season variety of sweetcorn, producing super sweet, good sized cobs of a deep, buttery yellow. Each cob is filled to the brim with sweet, richly-coloured kernels that are bursting with flavour. Sweetcorn is wind-pollinated, so plant them out in blocks to ensure the pollination of all the female flowers. Poor pollination will lead to missing kernels in the cob rows. Sweetcorn – Golden Lion F1 will do well in most soils but are quite shallow rooted, so make sure to hand-weed rather than hoe around their bases. What could be better than the taste of freshly picked sweetcorn, steamed or barbequed with a little butter melted on top. As soon as they’re picked, the sugar content of the kernels starts to drop, so the stuff you buy in the supermarket really is no comparison. 
Grow your own 
Taste – sweet corn flavour 
Difficulty – Medium 
Sow - April-June 
Plant Out - June 
Harvest – July-October 
Seed Packet Weight - 30g 
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