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Nasturtium leaves look like small lily pads: bright green, round, with a central stem. Nasturtium has long been used throughout the Andes as an herbal expectorant for chest congestion, a remedy for wounds, and as a peppery pest repellent. 
The leaves can be used as a disinfectant, a diuretic and antiseptic. According to Jesuit missionaries, the Incas used Nasturtium as a medicinal herb and as an addition to salads.. 
Grow your own 
Taste – Fresh, spicy and peppery flavour. 
Difficulty – Easy 
Germination – 5-7 days 
Days to Harvest – 5-10 days after germination 
Seed Packet Weight - 10
The leaves of the Nasturtium can be used in a variety of ways: as a spicy addition to salads, as the base for pesto, or chopped and combined with softened cheeses for spreads.  
The leaves can be used as beds for chicken salad or fish, and used as garnish atop savoury muffins and potato salad. Stuff Nasturtium leaves with rice and herbs for a take on Greek dolmas. 
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