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Grow your own step by step guide SWEETCORN SHOOTS. 
Step 1a: Soak the seed in warm water overnight (8-12 hours), this helps with the germination process. 
Step 1: Fill the tray with holes 3/4 full with soil, pat down the soil gently so the soil is flat and moisten thoroughly. 
Step 2: Sprinkle the seeds thinly and evenly on to the moistened soil, try not to have seeds on top of one another. Add the rest of the soil to cover the seeds. 
Step 3: Simply put the tray without holes over the top and put somewhere warm. We recommend the Sweetcorn Shoots are grown in the dark so that you have a yellow shoot. (If you show them the light they will turn green) 
Step 3b: Allow to grow until the shoots touch the lid. 
Step 4: When the Sweetcorn Shoots have started to push up the tray without holes remove the tray and place this under the tray with the holes. 
Your Sweetcorn shoots will be ready in about 2-3 weeks. Add water to the tray without holes every other day (not too much water, just enough so the bottom of the tray is just covered). The soil will soak up the water and feed the root system. If it is very warm you may not need the clear propagation lid. 
When your Sweetcorn Shoots are ready simply snip with clean scissors, wash and add to your dish. 
Enjoy growing. 
From Ben, Sarah, Jackson and Charlie at Wild Greens Farm. 
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