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Grow stronger plants and more abundant flowers with Plantsurge 

Invigorate Your Garden with bountiful flowering plants and award-winning fruits and vegetables 
Ever notice how plants look healthier and more vibrant after a thunderstorm? If so, you've observed a phenomenon that has long intrigued gardeners and horticulturists. 
According to leading botanist Andrew Goldsworthy, former researcher at London's Imperial College, thundershowers are more beneficial to plants than an equivalent amount of water from the sprinkler because electric currents create a magnetising effect on rainwater from thunderclouds. 
Plantsurge XL is a commercial magnetic water softener that offers huge benefits for garden produce, including growing stronger healthier plants, increasing crop yield and producing more abundant flowering. 
XL is ideal for commercial growers, nurseries, microgreens and flower farming and any larger scale horticulture or recreational business including descaling for swimming pools and natural pools. 
Consumers also use the XL to inhibit limescale forming in the whole house and all garden watering, maintaining the longevity of boilers and water pumps, even keeping kettles fur-free! Plantsurge XL can be used anywhere that hard water requires treatment, it inhibits scale forming on pipes, filtration systems for garden ponds including koi carp ponds, indoor swimming pools, sprinkler systems and irrigation systems. 
Plantsurge XL offers tremendous value for money, once fitted you will never need to replace it, fix it or service it and it will last you forever. Four adjustable screws allow it to fit a variety of water pipe sizes, from 20 mm to 50 mm in diameter. This once in a lifetime purchase can save you thousands in machinery and labour costs, whether you apply the product for industrial use or home use, your water will be softer, cleaner, and far healthier. 
Plantsurge XL comes with a full money back 365-day guarantee, if you are unsatisfied for any reason simply return the product for a no quibble refund. It also has a five-year full replacement warranty. 
‘‘I have been using the Plantsurge on my potted plants, seedlings and tomatoes for eight weeks and the foliage has gone mad, it’s working a charm.’’ 
Garden blogger Joe Harrison from Suffolk 
‘‘The Plantsurge has made our viola plants flower one week faster than using tap water, and the flowers are getting to size quicker. This offers amazing benefits to my business!" 
Ben Wild, Wild Greens Farm 
Buy Plantsurge XL from Wild Greens Farm 
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